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Glass Door Electric Locking Solutions

Installing an electric locking system on an existing, currently unsecured all-glass or Herculite door can be a challenge for the security professional, but there are solutions.  Here are a few:

Electromagnetic Locks

Securitron Glass Door Solution

The Securitron solution to the glass door locking problem is… glue.   When I sell this solution, I usually use:

  • M62G (1200 lb. holding force electromagnetic lock with conduit fitting)
  • AKG (adhesive kit for glass doors)
  • GDB (glass door bracket for armature)

For all glass doors with all glass headers, I also use the HEB-G header extension bracket.  This can also be glued in place using the Securitron AKG.  Since the AKG includes enough glue to do 10 glass-door mag installs, there is more than enough to do one all-glass door and one all-glass header.

Everybody Else’s Mag-Lock-for-Glass-Door Solution

As far as I know, no one besides Securitron really deals with the situation of an all glass header.  For all-glass doors, all the other companies that make electromagnetic locks use variations of the HDB, or Herculite Door Bracket.  This bracket is a U-channel that slides down over the top of the door.  It’s a clip-on system:

Illustration from Rutherford Controls web site

The Herculite door bracket concept seems to work well except in cases were there is a reduced gap between the top of the door and the header.  In that case the U-channel idea is out because the HDB bracket will keep the door from closing.  Then it’s the Securitron and the glue or something else altogether.

RCI Cushion-Lok

A pricey but classy and easy to install alternative to the electromagnetic solution is the Rutherford Controls Cushion-Lok.  The Cushion-Lok is a specially constructed, fail safe electric strike and passive latch that gently locks the door upon closure.   Shown below is the RCI 3360 which is pre-installed on patch fittings that slide onto the glass of the door and “frame” when the entire doorway – door, lintels and header – is made of glass.

Not shown is another version for use with a wood or metal frame and Herculite door.

It is worthwhile to note that the reason security professionals are faced with installing electric locks on existing all-glass doors is because of a lack of planning on the part of the architect or project manager.  It is much easier for a glass door manufacturer to pre-install a locking system than it is for a security professional to install it after the fact.